Xbox Live - Strict NAT

  • Hello,

    I have read several articles on these forums regarding a common issue with Internet connections and XBL but have not been able to find a solution.  I was hoping someone may be able to assist…

    My issue is that I just purchased an Xbox One but am showing "Strict" for the NAT type.  To solve this problem I have tried the following:
    -Enabled UPNP (ports 53-65535 for my statically assigned Xbox's IP)
    -Manually created NAT port forwarding rules
    -Set the Outbound rule creation to Manual

    None have seemed to help.  When I created the manual port forwarding rules and turned on UPNP I was able to get "Moderate" momentarily but even that has since ceased to work.  Also, I should note that when I set the Outbound NAT forwarding rules to Manual it seems to "kill" my internet for other devices so I have reverted that back to Automatic.

    Please let me know which information I need to post.  I will gladly provide screenshots of my configuration but at this point am not sure what else to try.  I have seen several different threads on here all with wildly different approaches...some of which worked for a few while others had to try different configurations.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Just let me know where to start and what information to provide!

    Thanks in advance.

  • I just tried explicitly forwarding all ports for my xbox and turning on Upnp again and still shows strict….how is that possible?  Also, if i forward all ports isnt Upnp essentially moot at that point?

    To provide a little more information here I have pfsense running as my primary router which is plugged directly into my modem.  I have 2 other NIC's in my server running pfsense.  1 is attached to an AP for my wifi and another is for the LAN which is then connected to a switch and ultimately my xbox.  I have a few ports forwarded for things like my webserver and ssh etc but other than that I have a pretty standard home networking setup.

    Based on this article:    I think I only need to forward a few ports.  I manually put each of those in but still have the same issue so I tried forwarding all ports and still nothing.    If someone responds willing to help I will post my ruleset screenshots in hopes that I may have just misconfigured something.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

  • Figured it out…Hopefully this will assist someone in the future.

    First of all it seems to be important to restart any switches in between the xbox and pfsense.  I also restart pfsense after making changes to be safe.

    I had to enable UPNP, set it as static port, and use manual outbound NAT rules.  I have a separate NIC for my wifi so that is why I thought it was "killing"  my connection.  Therefore I had to add 2 entries (one for WIFI NIC, and one for LAN NIC).  The LAN rule HAS to be at the bottom!!

    I did NOT have to add any NAT/port forwarding rules, just had to create those 2 manual outbound rules and enable UPNP.

    This is my UPNP rule:  allow 53-65535 53-65535.  I left all the default config for UPNP except enabled the default deny checkbox.

  • For about a year was trying to figure this out. A whole slew of port alias', Nat rules and a bunch of reboots and retrys.  In the end it was 2 of the three you indicated, but the kicker was NAT:Outbound which you mentioned and got more details from this thread

    by boxsterguy

    Thanks for starting point…

    I deleted all crap i did in the past, including port alias and nat rules pointing to the the xboxone.

    All i needed was the following on pfsense with Xbox totally shutdown

    1.create a DHCP Static IP for Xbox
    2.turn Upnp on with Default deny with one ACL allow 53-65535 172.16.x.x/32 53-65535
    4.created a mapping: Interface WAN, source  Network/IP:32, Dest ANY, Under Translation ticked on Static Port and saved
    5.turn on Xboxone

    No rebooting of Pfsense or switches needed, which I read in other threads. No totally OPEN. Son is appreciative he can host a game.

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