• I have been wanting to replace some dated Linksys SRW2008P POE routers i use for remote Arecont DSS systems with pfSense. I cannot seem to find a software replacement for the SRW series excellent POE power budgeting features. Allows realtime monitoring of power in use per port and remote reboot via remote power cycling. The cameras sometimes go whacky and need rebooting. I need good software replacement for these old units. I bought three PCI-e ethernet adapters from a manufacturer named Vecow that feature POE with Intel Gig LAN. They work fine in pfSense and windows but i was hoping to have some of those awesome power controlling features of the SRW2008P but the drivers are just stock intel types with no monitoring functions. I have a support request in to see if they have any code snippets or anything of use. Am I the only one who feels pfSense would benefit from such a device? Anybody have anything similar POE working??


  • I used these in a compact build.
    Startech ST2000PEXPSE
    They work with pfSense. They use a realtek chip.

  • Vecow replyed within 12 hours which was very fact considering it is a holiday. They are basically an OEM'er and were not of much help with any software.
    I just its time to blow the fans out on the SRW2008P and keep getting it..

  • Netgate Administrator

    Interesting, I'd never considered using a NIC as a PoE injector. I didn't realise such things were available.
    I guess almost everyone would just use a PoE switch in this situation. Is there some reason you don't want to do that?


  • Well the SRW2008P is what i found to be reliable. I could sell them a newer cisco version the SRW2008P-K9 or SG300-10.

    One of these is mounted in a foundry and the fan requires constant upkeep. Nasty enviroment. I was hoping on going to a sealed fanless pfsense rig with an POE adapter. I could do more to protect the current rig and probably will. They use Arecont cams throught the facility.