PfSense is connected to my openVPN provider, how can I route traffic there now?

  • Hey guys & girls!

    I was successful in connecting to my VPN provider, using pfSense as a client.
    I'm able to ping through the interface to anywhere in the Internet, so I'm sure I'm connected.

    Now, on a clean installation, what else do I need to do so that users on the LAN interface's network are able to use the tunnel as its gateway?

    I created a firewall rule that changes the gateway for IP addresses on the LAN but the clients can't connect. They can ping pfSense's LAN IP address.

    NAT is set to automatic (I haven't changed anything).

    What obvious thing am I missing?

    Thank you!!!

  • assign an interface to your openvpn-client (interfaces–>assign)
    set type for ipv4&ipv4 to NONE  - hit save (interfaces --> optX)

    normally you should now have a gateway for optX, modify your LAN firewall rules (advanced section - gateway).


  • Hi Heper!

    Thanks for the response.
    I looked at this great tutorial:

    The problem I had was that I was missing the NAT rules, did as suggested there and it all works great!

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