Dual WAN - Dual Cable modem with same internal IP

  • I have a dual WAN setup using PfSense. When I had a single WAN connection I was using a Motorola Surfboard SB6121. It worked so well, I bought a second when I got a second WAN connection. The SB6121 has a "special" internal IP address to get to the status/log pages of However; when I enter that IP address, I randomly get one of the modems based on the load balancing algorithm. If I note the mac address and tell one to reboot, I get the other while the first is down.
    What I would like to do is to have some way to check the status and logs on both cable modems without forcing one to reboot so that I can see the second one.

    Is there some way that I can tell some special IP address or port to route down WAN only and a different IP or port to route down OPT1 only?

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks… TasMot

  • you will probably be able to fix something up with NAT