IPSEC / All tunnels shows Inactive state

  • 2.2-RC (i386)
    built on Sun Dec 28 14:06:41 CST 2014

    After latest update IPSEC tunnels shows that they are all Inactive. Tunnels works between 2.2 RC versions but not with 2.1.5 RELEASE version FW.

    IPSEC is highly unstable. After reading threads here it looks like the is a bigger issues with IPSEC in general. My 2 working tunnels stopped to work…. :o I hope that IPSEC gets more attention. This is far from RC level reliability.

  • IPsec is the only thing holding up RC2. It's not nearly as bad as you make it out to be though.

    Could you describe the type of config you have that isn't working? What are the P1 and P2 config parameters? How many P2s do you have on each P1?

  • Are these PSK tunnels with a " in the PSK by chance? That's the only circumstance where I can find any problems in the context of what you described.

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