Please consider a look at my hardware selction quest

  • Good evening,

    This is my first day at the pfSense forum.
    I have read quite some threads and selected some hardware for my
    very own pfSense box.

    Thing is, it is a bit daunting to check that all is compatible with pfSense software! 
    I will continue to look in the freebsd list and on forums etc.
    It just seems a good idea to check with the experienced and knowledgeable!

    I am planning to run all common, heavy memory usage, packages one time or another.
    I plan to use a VPN, possibly with encryption.
    Somewhat like 15 devices will be connected, in multiple vlans.
    2 devices should be able to communicate with the nas, preferred speed 500 Mb/s - 1 Gb/s

    Selected hardware
    Supermicro A1SAi-2550F (Retail Pack)
    € 266,50
    Fractal Design Node 304 black
    € 65,95
    Kingston ValueRAM M1G64KL110
    € 74,30
    Mini-box picoPSU 80 + 60W Adapter Power Kit
    € 45,-

    I greatly appreciate any comments, suggestions and pointers in my
    pfsense box quest!

    Happy new year

  • Take a look also to C2558 board.
    C2558 has Intel® QuickAssist Technology but not Intel® Turbo Boost (C2550).

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