SQUID keeps crashing

  • Hi !

    Using pfSense (2.1.5-RELEASE) & squid3 (3.1.20 pkg 2.1.2)

    Squid keeps crashing for no apparent reason.

    Things get real slow when browsing the Web so I go into
    pfSense > Status > Services
    And I notice squid is not running

    So I start it again, then web browsing is really fast, and then it crashes again a few minutes after.

    I've been messing around in the reverse proxy configurations so I don't know if this is related…

    I've been trying to find something relevant in the logs but the only logs I could find are those located under :
    and these are the addresses and websites which have been accessed

    I don't see any error message or such.

    Any help to diagnose the problem would be greatly appreciated!

  • No reply and I couldn't solve the problem so I went removing the package.

    Just stopping the service didn't help… web browsing was extremely slow, that's why I tried removing the package completely and things got back to normal.

    Then I reinstalled the package and it kept all my previous configuration, and it started doing the problem again.

    Is there any way to make a clean remove and clean install of a package (or more specifically the squid3 package) ?


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