VLAN issues - cannot see out network

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    I tried to configure a VLAN on an secondary nic that I eventually want to be tagged with multiple vlans but after configuring it and a Catalyst 3750 switch it does not seem to work. At one point I could arpping so I thought I had the config right - so I rebooted and then lost all connectivity. Taking the VLAN and deleting it I can now see my laptop up on the switch and it can get out to the internet. The nic card is vlan capable but I don't know about the FreeBSD driver:


    The Switch is configured with the vlan and is currently in access configuration and not a trunk. Changing nothing on the switch I can get out once the pfsense vlan was removed and the port reconfigured as a normal lan port.

    Any ideas on where to start?

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    A non-VLAN-capable interface will not show up in the VLAN creation screen in pfSense I believe.

    On pfSense:

    Interfaces > Assign, VLAN tab Create VLAN 10 on the appropriate interface.
    Interfaces > Assign Create a new interface (if you haven't already done so)  Assign it to VLAN 10 on emX

    Configure the interface with IP address, etc.

    On the switch:

    int gig 0/14
    desc To pfSense
    switchport mode trunk
    switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10

    int gig 0/15
    desc To Workstation
    switchport mode access
    switchport access vlan 10

    or something like that.

  • Hmm yes I guess it could be the trunk vs access setting I have on the pfsense port. I'll try to reconfigure and get back with you on it asap - thanks!

  • Thanks re-configuring the switch port to trunk allowed the vlan in pfsense to work after adding in a fw rule - however when I added a second vlan something strange happened where the new vlan took the em0 interface like it should but grabbed the mac address of one of my windows machines on the switch. I got an error on the switch stating the host was flapping between ports. That windows suystem could not lookup google and had intermittent ping response to hosts on its vlan / switch. I remember seeing the Windows mac address populating in pfsense for the em0 interface for some reason. Should I be adding a mac for vlans?

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    No.  You have something hosed up.  Maybe you created a loop somewhere?  Draw a diagram.

  • @Derelict:

    No.  You have something hosed up.  Maybe you created a loop somewhere?  Draw a diagram.

    Yeap… not sure how that mac showed up when creating the vlan but it did. I deleted the vlan and added it again in pfsense and now I'm good. thanks!

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