Pfsense setting up LAN to connect to DD-WRT router

  • Hello, I am having some trouble getting my PFSense Device and a dd-wrt Router to connect to the internet.

    If I set LAN on PFSENSE to /24

    I have set the router IP to

    Connected the Router port 1 to PFSENSE Lan Port.

    Should I be able to connect to the internet of am I doing something wrong?

    Or should I set the routers WAN settings to connect to the PFSENSE LAN as a gateway?

    The most current PFSENSE is on a NETGATE APU2 Device with a WAN, LAN, and OPT port. (Note the appliance is working and everything checks out)

    Networking Setup for both devices, described to the best of my abilities, I can provide more info if needed.

    WAN is set to (DHCP) and successfully pulls an IP from my ISP. (Physically connected from WAN to Router)
    LAN is set to use, netmask DHCP is disabled here. No IPV6. Selected No to use Upstream Internet Gateway.
    ***note the purpose I disabled DHCP on the PFSENSE LAN port is because I would only like it as a gateway to the internet and not handing out IPs.

    ROUTER: This Router has 5 ports( 1 WAN-Intenet port) 4 LAN ports
    WAN port is disabled. It has the option to autoconfigure connection, set to static and a lot of other options that might not be relevant.
    Router is set to use static IP of, Netmask of Gateway of, Local DNS Never was sure if local dns was necessary.

    Router is also set as DHCP server addressess available.

    These are my settings, I tried to be as thorough as possible. This has been frustrating, and after finding lots a similar examples but none specifically for what I am doing, I thought I will ask you guys.

    Thank you in advance.


  • Hi bc001

    If you want the dd-wrt router to hand out IP addresses you need to connect the router wan port to the pfsense lan port.

    very simply, if you want the dd-wrt router and all the connected machines on the same subnet as the Pfsense lan port you cannot run the dd-wrt router with DHCP - so DHCP would need to be done on the pfsense lan port.

    see this page:

  • I use my R7000 (running DD-WRT) as access point, connected to pfSense Lan-Lan. On DD-WRT disable DHCP, NAT and firewall, let pfSense do them.

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  • Netgate Administrator

    I agree with what's been said above, you're almost certainly better off having pfSense handle DHCP. However…...

    I expect the reason it doesn't work is that the DD-WRT box is handing out it's own address ( as a gateway for the connected clients via DHCP. This can't work with it connected as you have it. It must hand out the pfSense LAN address ( as a gateway instead.


  • As Steve mentioned, in the DD-WRT you must set the correct gateway, the pfSense LAN IP.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Importantly not the gateway for the dd-wrt box itself but whatever it's handing out as a gateway via dhcp for clients.
    I don't actually know if that's a user setting in dd-wrt. :-
    Edit: Looks like you have to add it as a dhcp-option. Really just letting pfSense handle DHCP woukd be much easier.


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