[SOLVED] PPPoE with Win7-PC works, with pfSense it's not working

  • Hi!

    I got a ADSL-router from my provider. I can put this router in bridged mod. If i set up a new broadband PPPoE-connection in Win7 with login and password i can connect to the internet without problems.

    OK, then i changed WAN to PPPoE in pfSense (with the same login and password).

    Result: LAN is working normaly but i don't have access to the internet.

    Wat i am missing here? Do i have to change some other settings in pfSense (i thinks it's 2.1.4)?

    Thanks for any help!

  • When you say you changed wan to ppoe, can you be more specific?

    What instructions/step did you carry out to setup ppoe for wan?

    Interfaces, Wan, IPv4 Configuration Type should be ppoe, with ppoe details filled out in the field which appear after selecting from the dropdown.

    Alternatively you can go into Interfaces, Assign, select ppp's tab and then see your ppoe entry there and move it more easily (more dangerous) onto any adapter you like.

    What router are you using?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What part of the WAN connection isn't working? Is it connecting at all? Anything in the ppp logs?


  • A fresh install did it! I selected PPPoE in the wizzard and it's working.

    I have no idea what was the problem before. i didn't use firewall rules or other "special" settings. The box was only on DHCP and nothing more….

    But hey......it's working now  :D :D

    Thanks for reading!

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