Its about haproxy

  • Dear all,

    i installed e haproxy  in my pfsense my problem was when i acced to http://ip-pfsense/haproxy?stats  i have 404 not found

    the test for the configuration file

    haproxy -c -V -f /var/etc/haproxy.cfg

    Configuration file is valid

    sh /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start
    Starting haproxy.
    but when i see the status ihave

    sh /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ status
    haproxy is not running.

    this my configuration

            maxconn                100
            uid                    80
            gid                    80
            nbproc                  1
            chroot                  /var/empty

    listen WEBHA
            mode                    http
            log                    global
            option                  dontlognull
            option                  httpclose
            option                  forwardfor
            maxconn                100
            clitimeout              30000
            balance                roundrobin
            contimeout              30000
            srvtimeout              30000
            retries                3
            stats                  enable
            stats                  uri /haproxy?stats
            stats                  realm  Haproxy\ Statistics
            stats                  auth admin:mypassword
            stats                  refresh 10
            server                  web1  check inter 1000 weight 1

    thanks in adance

  • i would advice to use haproxy-devel package, it has all and more options, and works rather good imho, also make sure to disable webgui port 80 "WebGUI redirect" in advanced pfsense options as it might be lighttpd that replies instead of haproxy.?. Then check in diagnostics/sockets that haproxy is running and the only one listening on :80

  • how to disable wbgui port?
    have you  please a tutorial for haproxy?

  • To disable webgui redirect go to: System: Advanced: Admin Access , then check the 'Disable webConfigurator redirect rule' checkbox.

    I don't have a tutorial.. But if you click around a bit it shouldnt be that hard to figure most things out..

    Frontent listens on a ip:port for incomming connections, then uses a backend that contains the webservers to loadbalance between.
    Using multiple shared frontends you can use acl's to add to the existing ip:port and send traffic to a different backend, for example when needs to be handled by a different backend&servers than , while still listening on 1 port.

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