Passive data transfer failed due to network issues

  • Hi Guys, hoping someone can enlighten me on what's going on here. My FTP server has suddenly stopped working. I can access it from my internal network but not from outside. I've checked all my NAT and firewall rules and everything seems fine there, the port is open and can be seen using a online checking site. I've also confirmed my DDNS is ok, and no problems there either.

    I'm getting the below message on my FreeNAS server, the thing is the passive ports and masquerade settings have always been left to default so i'm not sure why it suddenly flagged these messages up?

    Jan 15 14:58:29 freenas proftpd[1534]: ([]) - Passive data transfer failed, possibly due to network issues
    Jan 15 14:58:29 freenas proftpd[1534]: ([]) - Check your PassivePorts and MasqueradeAddress settings,
    Jan 15 14:58:29 freenas proftpd[1534]: ([]) - and any router, NAT, and firewall rules in the network path.
    Jan 15 14:58:29 freenas proftpd[1534]: ([]) - FTP no transfer timeout, disc.

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    Are you on 2.2?  The ftp helper/proxy is not working in 2.2 - you have to do it old school.

    See my post here in the thread about it where I go over the old school way of doing forwards for ftp client or servers

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