Locked myself out of WebGUI

  • I made an idiotic mistake and blocked private networks on the LAN interface instead of WAN and now I can't use any of my wifi or wired devices (can't access the webGUI) to fix the setting and unblock the private networks. What's the easiest way to correct this? Reset factory defaults? Restore recent configuration? Currently have my monitor plugged into the router trying to figure out best course of action

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    ~~ls -ltr /conf/backup

    cp /conf/backup/most_recent /conf/config.xml

    shutdown -r now

    That'll probably fix it.~~

    All that is just the shell way of restoring recent backup.  Use that instead.  It tells you want the config change was when you list backups.

  • Thank you, that worked! Up and running again :)

  • FYI, Assuming you disabled the anti-lockout rule, causing your lockout, the book gives a simple way to re-enable it:

    "use the set LAN IP option at the console menu. Just set it to its current IP, and the rule will be automatically re-enabled."

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