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  • Where are you setting "Codel"? Got a screenshot? Sorry to sound not trusting, but you'd be amazed what people claim they're doing when they're not.

  • I'd love it if this was just a case of user error. Here are the screen shots.

  • @Mael:

    I'm also trying to battle buffer bloat by implementing CoDel. While it works well to eliminate the bloat, it also drops my download speed by 100Mbps. Here are the details.

    My link speed is 250/10

    dslreports speed tests without any shaping applied show speeds of 250/11, but I usually get a D or F for buffer bloat.

    When I activate CoDel on the LAN/WAN interfaces with bandwidth set to 9Mbps on the WAN and 230Mbps on the LAN, my buffer bloat grade goes to an A, but my download speed drops to 148Mbps. I've tried raising the LAN interface bandwidth up to 240 and 250Mbps but this doesn't increase the download speeds past 150Mbps.

    Why is CoDel taking such a big bite out of my download bandwidth? Is there better way to eliminate buffer bloat without such a big impact to download speed?

    Hardware:          Netgate SG-8860
    pfSense Version: 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1

    I have noticed the same with my connection 60/5 (provisioned at 73 / 6.5) - without shaper enabled I bounce off the provisioned speeds but get horrible marks for buffer bloat.  If I enable the shaper (w/codel) shaper set for 63/5.5 my speeds drop to ~45 / 5 with "A" for buffer bloat.  I am just wondering if my ISP is flexing its buffers on me and pfsense has to scale back the speeds to deal?

  • Could be specific to the Codel shaper but not the Codel queue discipline. Try using FairQ shaper, create a single default queue and enable Codel on that queue.

  • I had the same problem with sch_codelq, but sch_fairq with codel fixed it

  • @moscato359:

    I had the same problem with sch_codelq, but sch_fairq with codel fixed it

    I have the same problem (500/30 without shaping goes to 250/20 with codel shapers set to 20 for wan and 480 for lan)
    Tried fairq shaper with the same result.

    What is sch_codelq and sch_fairq? Is this the same as codelq shaper and fairq shaper in the gui?

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