2.2 and Soekris 6501

  • Hi,

    Since installing version 2.2 on a Soekris 6501.

    I keep getting random crashes.

    from once a day to every hour…
    Haven't identified what makes it crash tough, just a browse of a page make it go off.

    I've seen somebody else on the mailing list complaining about reboots once a day?

    I've got 2 different version (on is a full install on an msata drive / other installed as nano on msata)

    Is anybody else able to run 2.2 on a soekirs 6501 ?


  • I'm running 2.2 on a Soekris 6501-50, 32 bit full install, msata ssd.
    It was updated from 2.1.5, running Snort, PFBlockerNG, NTopNG and DNSCrypt.

    I've ran in to an issue with the GUI binding to the wrong IP (an orphaned virtual IP) during the update and I also ran into this issue : https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/4328

    Other than that, it's been rock solid, I've not had any issues after upgrading to 2.2 a few weeks ago.
    My usage is pretty light though, it's running in a home setting and I'm the only one using it.

  • I have a net6501-70 as SOHO firewall and it has been upgraded several times.
    From 2.1.5 to 2.2 worked without problems. It only took some time update to pfBlockedNG and switch the DNS forwarder to DNS resolver.
    The services I am using are Snort, pfBlockerNG and OpenVPN on a 180/18 Mb connection.
    The 6501 is very stable, I have no problems, even when uploading and downloading GB of data for extended times.
    The only issue I had after the upgrade was some network instability and I had to remove the power to solve that. Probably a physical network if hat an issue that not was resolved with a reboot.

    And I forgot to mention that I also use IPv6 over a HE tunnel.

  • I finally managed to identify the problem and stabilize the device.

    I had Changed my IPSec settings from V1 to Auto. (which caused the crashes)

    For some reason this causes the device to crash hard.

    The other end of the tunnel is a pfsense running on esxi. That one doesn't have an issue.

    By changing from auto to V2 the reboot issues went away…

    I even attached a syslog to see if I could identify the issue but i never really received anything resembling debug info / crash...

  • Netgate Administrator

    Just to be clear you switched to IKEv2 on the Soekris box?


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