Reverse Proxy for OWA, Webserver and Seafile

  • Hi @ All,

    i need some help. I try to configure a reverse Proxy for my Exchange Server, Webserver and Seafile Server

    This is what i have

    pfSense only as Reverse Proxy. A Router that forward the ports 80 and 443 to the WAN of pfSense

    i have an Exchange Server with OWA, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere and Autodiscover
    Webserver for 2 Domains www.website1.tld and www.website2.tld
    Seafile Server

    Can you help me please and tell me how i have to configure the reverse Proxy.
    The one i got to work is the exchange.
    But i have absolutely no idea how to configure the webserver and the seafile server.

    Can somebody explain me how to configure the squid.
    Thank you very much in advance
    Greets eddie

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