How to forward Syslog information to monitoring system

  • I am trying to use PRTG to monitor specific messages from the pfSense syslog.

    The Syslog Receiver sensor is a passive one, ,meaning it sits and wait to receive the log information from other systems. So I have to figure it out where in pfSense do I configure it to send the Syslog information to IP address and port that PRTG will be listening….

    Anyone knows where can I configure this?


    Paulo Tebet

  • Looking at the pfSense interface I found some interesting information.

    On the System/Advanced/Notification

    There is a Growl section which looks like what I am looking for. You can define the IP address and Port on the destination Growl server, among other things. But I don't think this will work if in the other end we have a PRTG server and not a Growl server….

    I also found in Services / Zabbix Agent....  So If were using the Zabbix instead of the PRTG I would be able to configure pfSense to send information to the IP address and port of the Zabbix.... But I would like to use PRTG...

    So is there any "PRTG Agent" for the pfSense??


    Paulo Tebet

  • enable SNMP in pfSense and have PRTG auto discover the services on the box.

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