Captive Portal login with voucher no longer possible since 2.2

  • I have been running a pfsense installation on an alix board with a 2.1 version without any problems for a longer time
    After upgrading to 2.2 the voucher system does not seem to run anymore. If I test my vouchers they all seem fine an still good, but if I try to set up a new computer it is redirected to the portal page as always, it is possible to klick onto my 4 pages that are accessible without login, but if you try to login with a voucher nothing happens: I put in the voucher hit the button and nothing happens: the browser tries to load a page but nothing happens ( I don't even to to put in a voucher, hitting the buttons does nothing at all)

    Adon: Its seems the portal page tries to connect to the old url on port 8000, how can i change this?

  • Banned

    Helps to read the nifty release notes and fix your CP pages code…

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