CPU load issues….maybe...?

  • I have a  3.0 Dual Core CPU, with 1GB mem, 80GB HD…

    Note: in both these cases testing with no other PCs on the LAN.

    The first time I loaded PF1.2Release everything worked fine, had an uptime of 18 days. Max load 5 PCs, cpu load >20%.

    After a move/network relocation same building and ISP, I reloaded RF1.2Release and now I'm getting these CPU loads just above 40% range. I reboot it, the cpu load drops back down to >2%. Then after sometime, anywhere from 1hr to 12hrs the cpu load will go up again. I've reloaded 5 times now with only the same results. Was the first load a spoof? Any ideas on what may be causing this? In this a bug?

    Thanks for the help...

  • When this occurs please go to diagnostics>command and run a top to see what process is causing that load. You also can run it from the shell or from ssh for a more dynamic view.

  • Ahhh…didn't know that option was even there! I know that command from linux, but didn't know it'd work with PFsense/FreeBSD... I'll check it out and let ya know...


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