Squidguard blacklists not working

  • I have installed Squid and Squidguard but only the MESD blacklists are working for me. Any other blacklist i download won't block anything for me when i set the categories to deny. Also when using Squids access control tab and placing facebook.com in the blacklist field it doesn't block facebook either.

    Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?

  • Facebook is using HTTPS.  Are you intercepting SSL traffic?

  • No i don't remember setting any specific rul for SSL traffic. Should i?

    Any idea why those blacklists aren't working?

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    Because, like…. uhm... Facebook is using HTTPS? Quit this nonsense. Want to block FB? Block the IPs. http://bgp.he.net/search?search[search]=facebook&commit=Search

  • How do i block all those IP's?

  • Add them all to an alias and then add a LAN firewall rule that blocks access to that alias.

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    To collect the IPs from HE (Hurricane Electric) you will need to use pfBlockerNG using the "html" download format as its not a plain txt file.

  • Thanks for all your replies. It's a shame you can't filter https with squid, i did some reading and understand now. I ended up in installing pfBlocker (thanks for the tip) and copy/pasted the list of IP's on the Hurricane Electric page into excel and then pasting the column with IP's in a custom list and denying outbound. And it works! But still nit foolproof because what if facebooks adds a few servers?

    Also i didn't see a quick way to try out pfBlockerNG, only found a 36 page long thread about it.

    edit: Can anyone help me find a list of instagram and youtube IP's?

    edi2: How would i exclude one single workstation so it is not affected by pfBlocker?

  • Thanks for all your replies. It's a shame you can't filter https with squid

    You can filter HTTPS with Squid but you have to configure it (and perhaps your clients) to use it properly.

    WPAD Proxy Auto-Configure with squid

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