Captive Portal slow after migration

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    I migrated my pfSense firewall (2.0.2) from an old computer to a more powerful server. I set up the pfSense version 2.1 and migrated via export and import my complete settings.

    Now I encounter problems with my captive portal page. When the user enters wrong credentials, the captive portal shows in nearly a second the message that wrong credentials have been entered. But when the user enters correct credentials, it nearly takes up to 20-30 seconds before the user gets redirected to the deserved page. If you hit F5 after typing correct credentials or open another tab you already have internet. The old firewall with the same settings still works in a second both with valid and invalid credentials.

    I do not understand why the authentication takes such a long time. I rule out a connection between my Radius and pfSense since wrong credentials are rejected instantly. Also```
    freeradius -X

    I did not found a setting for the redirection timeout or something like that. Is there a way to improve or debug the login redirection after a successful login? The only difference between the old and the new firewall is that I do not use the squid-package anymore.
    I tried it with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Firefox is the only browser which needs half the time, approximiately 10 seconds after a successful login for the redirection. But IE, Chrome and Safari need up to 20-30 seconds which is an insufficiently behaviour. I read in this forum that Chrome is a special case because it's such a slow browser, but I encounter the problem on the other browsers as well.
    I think that the import/export function might have broken something. I also have the Proxy Link in my Menu which links to lightsquid.xml but when I click the button in the menu, pfSense complains that there is no such package. Even installing and removing all squid*-packages did not solve this problem. Maybe pfSense is trying to send the traffic through the non-existing squid-package?
    Is there a debug option/verbose output for the captive portal?

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    Are you trying to use IPv6 on your Captive Portal?

  • Im having same issues. Login on Captive Portal with radius take a long time (maybe 15-20 segundos) to login successfully .

    But, when password or something is incorrect, error page is pretty fast.

    How to solve??
    I've added a Interface inside freeradius with Type Acct and voilà.
    Everything is logging quickly now.

  • @Drudge : reinstall from scratch (boot from a recent version like 2.2.6 - not a dead one 2.0.2 or even 2.1).
    Redo your settings.
    When activating the portal, do NOT use your own 'html' code, use the default.
    Activate first the local user Manager (build in pfSEnse) and add one or two users.
    Test that.
    Then hook up Radius, and test again.
    Then , and only then : use your own html login page (If you have one).

    I guess something goes wrong with the redirecting … Some left-overs in the ancient config settings (maybe) ?

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