• I have a pfsense 2.1.5

    Problem is INVALID DOMAIN blocked by 3rd party anti spam.

    I configured my email using IMAP and my IMAP server configuration is the pfsense WAN port, when I send the email it will blocked by anti spam and says INVALID DOMAIN.

    But when I configure my email outside the network and my IMAP server configuration is still my pfsense WAN port, my email will not block by the third party anti spam.

    Is there's a problem with my pfsense configuration.

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    With this amount of information, try a crystal ball. In general, I totally fail to see how's this forum a place to debug some unknown antispam solution.

  • If you want to validate your mail config to the outside world, try this site:


  • Invalid domain errors usually mean that the domain you're using to send email from is unregistered, meaning it doesn't exist as far as the receiving end is concerned.

    I'm not sure what you mean  by 'When I configure my email outside the network'. Do you mean you're passing mail from a different host, or that you're sending email inbound? In any case, with so little information it's pretty much impossible to say exactly what's going on. And whatever it is, it doesn't sound like a firewall issue - more likely a problem with your mail configuration.

  • Hi muswellhillbilly,

    Your correct, it is not a firewall issue. I just change my mail configuration and I can send email now.

    Thank you