2.2.1 hopes dashed:kernel: ath0_wlan0: discard frame w/o leading ethernet header

  • I upgraded today with high hopes with all the talk about 2.2.1's improved Atheros support that I'd finally get rid of these messages but my logs are full of them again, starting within a few minutes of the upgrade.

    2.2.1 x64
    Wireless AP using Apple AR5BXB112 AR9380 mini pcie chip
    802.11ng mode
    No config changes from 2.2

    Oh well, it doesn't seem to cause any major ill effects. Although my wifi sucks, sometimes just spinning and refusing to load sites to the point that other users constantly complain to me. I suspect that might be a squid setup issue. The logs don't show any red flags when that happens but I can't even load the pfsense webgui.