Importing 1.2.3 rules into new install

  • My old pfsense 1.2.3-release box burned up yesterday so I am building a new one with the latest release. I have backups of the rules, interfaces, and entire config.

    Will I be able to import the rules backup from the 1.2.3-release box into the new one without doing anything to them? If not what should I expect?

    I am not concerned about any other settings, I just do not want to have to add 400+ rules by hand if possible.


  • I have upgraded from 1.2.3 to 2.* in the past. Config conversions will happen automagically when the system boots after you restore an old config. It should keep converting every step of the way to 2.2.1
    You need to import the complete old config to get the conversion to happen, not just the rules section.
    If the new hardware is different then it will ask you to assign interfaces at the console as it boots.

  • Ok so you are saying I should load 2.2.1 then go into the gui and restore the 1.2.3 backup, correct?

  • yes and hope for the best :)

  • @heper:

    yes and hope for the best :)

    And actually I fully expect you will get a good result as long as the new hardware has the same number of interfaces (or more) as the old hardware. You will just have to do the interfaces assign at the console and it should all go.

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