ShrewSoft VPN and virtual IP address routing

  • Hi!

    I am installing a brand new VK-T40E (fw upgraded to 2.2.1) and have everything up and running, but VPN. I have an virtual IP address range of and I can log in and the client gets, but there are no packets going to my private network. Nor does 10.0.201.x show up in the pfSense routing table (should it)?

    I have added a blanket IpSEC rule (for now), but I am unsure how to troubleshoot this further?

    I enabled tracing on the shrewsoft client and I can see the ping packets in dump-ipsec-prv.cap, but there is nothing in the dump-ipsec-pub.cap log. This leads me to think that the client is not even passing on the packets? Perhaps not picking up the network settings?

    Iam testing this with a PC connected to the switch on the public side of the firewall,using one of our external IP addresses.There is no extra NATing going on.