Not able to acquire IP address via dhcp

  • I'm going crazy trying figure out this problem. I have verizon fios internet going from the ONT straight to my esxi 5.1 server(hp dl380 g5 with two onboard nics) that's running pfsense between the two nics as a firewall. My sone was playing around that area earlier and all of the sudden I lost internet. I'm thinking he created some sort of electrostatic shock that may have fried something on the board.after it happened, the internet came back up and was working fine until a few hours ago. I upgraded to the newest version of pfsense right after I lost my connection earlier today and am running the most current version. Now I'm unable to get an address using dhcp on my wan.  I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this sort of thing. So far i've removed the ethernet cable from the ONT  and was able to get an address from the network. After the pfsense box, i have a cisco e4200 that i tried connecting to the ONT but It wouldn't get a ip address which seems weird.

    I'm at a loss on how to troubleshoot the issue. Anyone able to help?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Try running a packet capture on the WAN. Look for the DHCP requests from pfSense and the replies from the upstream DHCP server.
    Try putting some other DHCP server connected to the pfSense WAN (the e4200 perhaps) does it receive an address then?


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