• I'm having an issue where the traffic is not getting balanced between my 2 Wan Networks on my setup with squid3/squidguard.

    Current squid setup:
    Transparent proxy,  Bound to Lan interface:3128
    squidguard setup: enable, clean advertising block malware/porn/adaware (home network with kids).

    99% of traffic goes out 1 link. 
    I have 2 for redundancy

    Cable Modem 7x1  This is what traffic defaults to.
    DSL modem  5x1    Traffic rarely hits this link.

    My routing groups are:
    LB Tier1/Tier1 Cable/DSL
    Fail over DSL-Cable 
    Fail over Cable-dsl

    Firewall rules for 'general' web traffic, Netflix/hulu/amazon etc are to use LB
    VoipTraffic DSL over Cable
    FaceTime/skype/hangouts  Cable over DSL

    When Squid3+squidguard are enabled all traffic goes out the cable modem.  If I have 2 streams of Netflix going, they both take the Cable modem out.
    When I don't have either running, it's 50/50 on dsl and cable modem.

    For DNS I have setup for alternative DNS use in SquidSetup….

    If I load up speedtest.net I get both lines fullt

    Am I missing something or is what I'm wanting to do not really possible.

  • I found an error on my rule set.

    Netflix/hulu were using ports that were grouped together that went out my cable modem interface.