Unknown client popped up last night

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    Hi everybody!

    Strange event:

    I have here a, no wireless, just plain RJ45 cabel connections to clients. pfSense is OK.

    This morning I found in the firewall log for this pfSense ( strange UDP packages logged for an absolutely unknown client with the IP Starting in the middle of the night (see attached).

    I have never ever used any IPs in this range nor has anybody been connected in the middle of the night to my network.

    The logging continues up to now, so I guess the client must be still out there. But I can't ping this client.

    What is going on here? I have no idea what is happening here…

    Any suggestions on how to find this ghost or anything helpful?

    Kind regards


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    Very much doubt it's a ghost. Someone connected a Windows machine with static IP set up to the network. Standard NetBIOS noise.

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    Well you can do a simple sniff on the interface via diag, packet capture and get the mac real easy.  You could also look into the packets its quite possible its handing out its name that might give you a clue.  From the mac its coming from you can look up what type of hardware it is.

    Depending on your switches you can track the mac to specific port, if you have smart/managed switch, etc.

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    Yeah, apparently the Buffalo Linkstation went crazy last night. is the default IP for these devices (I learned now from Google)… I rebooted the device now (as it was unreachable...) and the spook is over, as it looks now.

    Strange indeed if something like that starts in the middle of the night..

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