Multiple vlans bridged with Lan

  • hi,

    I'm being forced into a situation that I'm not too happy with

    A customer has a business centre which the tenant companies are provided with Internet access via vlans and a 10.1.x.x/16 subnet

    Company A
    ip range

    Company B
    Ip range
    Subnet etc

    The Layer3 switch (extreme) acts as gateway with IP All tenant vlans are a sub-vlan of a main vlan where this IP is assigned, proxy-arp is disabled on the switch so vlans can't talk to each other.

    There are many tenants and an IP reassign is a very big job that will cause disruption.

    They wish to monitor bandwidth of vlans for the purpose of billing (don't ask) however as with most switches they don't spit those stats out as they are a l2 construct (we use Observium, which works very nicely with pfsense)

    My thoughts are to use a pfsense and move the gateway to that ( assigned to the lan interface. Then set up all the vlans (70 ish) and make a bridge. I've tested this in a lab and it does work (Observium is even able to see the traffic stats), however I'm just looking to see if I was to implement this if it would cause a massive issue (I'm guessing I need to filter to try and stop broadcasts?)

    I know it's a pretty rubbish situation, and this is a ramble but I'm writing this on a phone whilst on the train!


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