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    I have 3 Ports on my router (WAN, LAN, OPT1) I want to bridge LAN and OPT1 together to increase LAN bandwidth to the router.

    I have been following this Guide

    The question is how do I test if it worked? In the traffic graphs I do see LAN traffic flowing in both LAN and OPT1.

    Is it safe to assume that it is working? Are they any other tests I can perform?


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    I have 3 Ports on my router (WAN, LAN, OPT1) I want to bridge LAN and OPT1 together to increase LAN bandwidth to the router.

    That is NOT bridge, that'd be a LAGG (plus adequate switch required). Not to mention, you seem to have some strange idea how the traffic flows. LAN -> LAN traffic does not normally hit the router at all.

  • Hi let me try to re-explain,
    My setup is I have a pfsense router with 3 gigabit Ethernet ports, they are WAN, LAN and OPT1.
    The WAN connection goes to the modem and the LAN connection goes to the Gigabit switch (OPT1 is free atm).

    I have squid cache running on the pfsense router. When I said I wanted to bridge (maybe the correct term here is NIC teaming or bonding) LAN and OPT1 together to increase LAN bandwidth I meant the transfer speed from the squid cache to the LAN network so if there are multiple computers pulling data from the squid cache (say a large windows update or video file) and exceeding the 1 gigabit speed limit that it would use the speed from the OPT1 connection as well.

    So both the LAN and OPT1 would go to the same gigabit switch thus creating a dual gigabit connection to the pfsense router (which is my goal).

    It would be like having a server which has 2 Ethernet slots, both which are plugged together on the same switch in bridge mode. If 10 computers are pulling data from the server having the 2 Ethernet ports in bridge mode would increase the LAN bandwidth for the other computers from the server.

    Thanks for the help

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    No, once again, that would not work. Bridge does NOT aggregate bandwidth.

  • Does pfsense support aggregate bandwidth?

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    Already told you that you need LAGG with proper switch.

  • Ok thanks going to see if it will work with my hardware

  • I am having a little trouble with migrating LAN to LAGG (with LAGG I am temporary using failover mode in a view to use lacp)
    When it comes to the step where “Navigate to Interfaces > (assign), change the assignment of LAN to the newly created LAGG interface (LAGG0)” (so it would look like this under Interfaces: Assign network ports Interface = LAN, Network port = LAGG0) after this step is done I lose network connection and have to Restore recent configuration from the serial connection.
    Any ideas?

  • Did you really add only the third, spare interface to LAGG, test function with appropriate configured switch and add second IF after that?


    Create a new LAGG including only the second NIC

  • Hi, It looks like my gigabit switch does not support link aggregation, might have to try later when I get a new switch that supports this feature.

    Thanks for the help


    Thinking maybe the TP-LINK TL-SG108E?

  • I don't know that one but have worked with TL-SG3210 successfully in the past.

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