D'ont access internet !!!

  • performed the installation of pfSense 2.2, set up the 3 rules (http / dns / https) but not I browse my scenario has 2 interfacaces em0 (wan) and in 1 (lan), already reviewed the routes and from the pfSense console can connectivity to the Internet, but not on the local machine !!! Remembering something important, DNS configured in pfSense are my internal network and are solving usually the default gateway of the season is not the pfSense but a switch layer 3 having route to the network lan pfSense ….

  • Post a network diagram, including what subnets are where. If you have a layer 3 switch inside your network then you are going to need static route(s) to tell pfSense how to route back to the network(s) behind the layer 3 switch.

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