Same MAC address on both NICs after installation

  • Hi,

    I just installed pfSense in a spare computer I had. It is a D510MO Atom motherboard with an on-board network adapter (which appears as re0), together with a Level One GNC-0105T (re0) network adapter.

    On the setup screen (option 1-> Assign Interfaces) both devices appear to have the same MAC address.

    On top of that (or maybe because of that) they have funny behaviour, it's like the system is confused about which card is which. For example, re1 gets address from dhcp only if I connect the cable to re0.

    Can you please help me?

    Thank you.

    UPDATE: I checked with a live OS, they do have the same MAC address.

    I tried to change the address of one card (with ifconfig) but still I cannot even ping out of the box.

  • Really? I'd check status, interfaces or an ifconfig from the shell. If the MACs are the same (??), you could override one of them in the MAC address field of the Interface configuration. Perhaps the card is a broken implementation and somehow pulls the mac from the on-board chip?
    The easy solution is to get a real nic to put in the box (not realtek).

  • Hi, thank you for your reply.

    I did check status etc. in the meantime. Because I checked from a Linux Mint live system that happened to be available, I suspect broken implementation of the network driver.

    I had asked a friend who uses pfSense, if Realtek are OK he said that he never had problem… Phew...

  • Realtek nics have one of the worst reputations in networking. Some people have no trouble with them, and some people never have any trouble because they spend another $20 and get an Intel card.

  • And, yes, it was the network card. As soon as I replaced it with an Intel (and fixed an "Interfaces not found" error) it was up and running in no time.

    Thank you.

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