PFsense, Cisco and VM

  • Hi there..
    I'm new to networking so forgive me for any dumb question.

    I want to setup a Cisco layer 3 switch for internal routing, with a Virtual PFsense on two VMesxi host for redundancy (CARP)

    1 - I got the Carp working
    2 - I got the internal routing working (Cisco switch)
    3 - I could only get the  vlan 3 to connect to the internet.

    here is my configuration

    CISCO Core switch
    Vlan 3                            Vlan 12                      Vlan 15                      IProute

    Port 48 on Core switch connects to port2 on Dell server that has Virtual PFsense

    PFsense Virtual IP Lan

    I try dot1q trunk encapsulation on port 48 did not work
    I changed to access mode I was able to connect to the internet, but as mention before, only vlan 3

    I really would appropriate any help on this

  • Hi,

    Try to add static route in pfsense for the other subnet, so that pfsense knows to route traffic as reply to those concern subnet.


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