Problem DNS

  • hello
    im new in pfsence so i have a problem when i tri to enter a local web site i have this error :
    the domain name does not exist,
    NOTE: i have internal DNS in my AD

  • ::)  At least we have (slightly) more information here than in French section  ;)  but there is nothing consistent between what you post here and what you describe in French section

    If you don't end up with at least basic explanation of what your infrastructure is made of, don't be surprise to not receive any useful feedback  ::)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    So if your internal dns is AD, what does that have to do with pfsense?  Your AD clients should point to your AD dns!!

    As chris has stated without something to go off there is nothing we can do to help you.

  • Problem is most likely with FW rules because it appears, from another parallel post in the French section, that problem occurs for workstations connected to main site through Wimax, trying to access remote web server with pfSense in the middle.

    But with very few information, provide help is almost impossible.

  • Hi everyone,
    I am a student, and trying to configure my Pfsense router. I followed all the instructions to the T, . I have three network card plus a wireless card on-board. I installed successfully and i also assigned IP addresses  to WAN,LAN and the wireless card. I did the login and followed the step to making it an access point, but thats as far as i went. It would not let me into available Packages .

    It gives me this error :
    Unable to communicate with Please verify DNS and interface configuration, and that pfSense has functional Internet connectivity.

    So did a PING text from Pfsense router to the moden and the connection is there

    Can anyone help?

  • @Brzenski please post another thread I would gladly try to help you.

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