RCC-VE 2440 Performance Tuning?

  • I just purchased a new RCC-VE 2440 (c2358) from Netgate for my recently-installed 1G fiber line. Before adding the pfSense router, I tested the 1G line at 933M/857M throughput. The most the RCC-VE 2440 seems to be able to push LAN-WAN nat before running of steam is 569M/512M (running 2.2.2). The WAN is PPPoE on tagged VLAN (CenturyLink), if that makes a difference. Are there any hardware-specific tweaks for this guy that can improve the throughput? I'm not using VPN (yet), only focused on forward/filter/nat performance. So far, the only tuning adjustment I've made is to bump the kern.ipc.nmbclusters from 26584 to 106336 (they had high usage with the default).

  • i read somewherea couple of weeks ago  you'd have to enable powerD (System: Advanced: Miscellaneous)

    not sure if this is still needed today, but can't hurt to try

  • Thanks. I did see that in the other thread and forgot to mention that I had already enabled it.

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