Question about DHCP Static Mappings DNS Servers [fixed]

  • On the DHCP Server page, I have 4 DNS servers listed.  However, I have one special host that I want to assign only the first DNS server instead of all 4.  So I created a Static Mapping for that host, entered only the first DNS Server IP, and left the other 3 boxes blank.  However, that host still gets all 4 DNS servers when it refreshes its IP.

    I tried some other things with the static mapping like adding that same DNS Server 4 times to fill all the boxes, but that didn't work.  I also tried typing just "0" for the other 3 boxes, but same results.

    Is there a trick I don't know about?

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    There is no trick.. You sure your getting dhcp from pfsense, you sure your edit the static mapping and not the overall dhcp server?  It might jump locations on you when you apply, etc.

    So see here - I set to - gets it.  I then delete that entry and release and renew and back to normal setting..

  • I'm trying to reply to this thread but keep getting error 500 Internet Server Error.  Tried Chrome and IE several times.

    Here's the short version:
    Thanks for your response.  The problem only happens when you enter the LAN interface IP as the only DNS Server on the static mapping.  I tried to explain the issue better on the bug ticket:

    Edit, bug apparently is already known:
    Devs say this issue will be fixed upstream.

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    what would it matter what IP you put in.. So your saying your dhcp server normally hands out something else and you put in the lan ip interface..  Well I can test that as well.. But I don't see why pfsense would care what IP it hands out.

    Seems you might be running into this

    Would need to see some sniffs of your dhcp to validate your running into this situation

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