• Running apcupsd-3.14.12_1 pkg v0.3.6 on PFSense 2.1 and SNMP is not working as an option.

    When you set the configuration under UPS type / Device as:

    snmp xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:161:APC:Community

    APCUPSD is unable to contact the UPS, It seems to be a problem in the script which writes the config file, when I scp into the server and open the config file I see:

    UPSTYPE snmp xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:161:APC:Community

    When I change the config manually to reflect:
    UPSTYPE snmp
    DEVICE xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:161:APC:Community

    The service is able to start and communicate with the UPS properly.

  • On "UPS Type / Device" field, set justĀ  "snmp".
    On "Device" field, set the rest of your config.

  • Now that you point it out I see that line thanks.

    Instructions could use a once over, pull the device type instruction down to that line maybe?


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