New installation, limited throughput

  • I have FIOS 25/25, I am replacing my watchguard with PFsense.

    I spent Hours trying to get it installed on a laptop all to find that the laptop was not compatible with FreeBSD and there is no fix for that. I tried another laptop. Installed fine but there is hardly enough throughput to surf the web on 1 computer. I spun up a VM, and installed there. I get the same results.

    My enviroment:

    My fios ONT is directly connected to my switch on a port untagged VLAN2
    My Hyper-V server is directly connected to the switch on untagged VLAN1 and Tagged VLAN2
    My VM for PFsense is running on the Hyper-v server with 2 NICS (Not Legacy) 1 Tagged VLAN 2 and 1 not tagged.

    I can suspend the VM, hook my watchguard back up on a port untagged VLAN 2 for the WAN and a port untagged VLAN1 for the WAN and throughput is amazing.


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