Confused about DNS Settings

  • Where do Optional interfaces in PFSense get their DNS records from when you have 2 WAN's?

    For example, If I have an OPT2 interface with a subnet of, and I point clients DNS settings on this network to (OPT1 Interface IP) What IP's are used for DNS lookups? Is it the IP addresses set up in the General Settings? or is it set some where else?

  • These clients get their name-resolves from the DNS forwarder.
    All services that run on pfSense itself use the WAN.
    –> The DNS-entries pfSense recieves from WAN.

    If the DNS-forwarder should use a DNS Server on WAN2 you need the static route.
    (search the forum).

  • is there anyway to force the DNS Forwarder to use the Primary IP address of the WAN2 connection first, instead of the WAN DNS IP?

  • They will be processed in the order that they appear at system>general or in the config.xml.

  • Sweet  ;D, does that also include any extra DNS IP's you may add to the config manually?

    Ignore that one, did not read your post properly  :o

  • Yes.

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