Can't PING carp virtual IP

  • Hello,

    I have realize a VMware workstation infrastructure.

    On my LAN , I have create two windows server 2012 virtualized with the Hyper-V role.
    Then, on each HYPER-V, I have virtualize a pfsense. So I have two pfsense on my infrastructure.
    Each pfsense has 3 network interfaces (LAN , WAN, PFSYNC ). Synchronization between PFSENSE'S is done on interfaces "PFSYNC".
    Then, i have created a CARP failover cluster between these 2 PFSENSE with a common virtual IP on the WAN (
    About rules, all are allowed (pass) on three interfaces.
    Next, when I ping this virtual IP on my pfSense the response is : OK (with the diagnostic ping) but when I do a ping with a client machine on the WAN, it doesn't work.

    My question is: How to do the ping from my client machine (this machine is on my Vmware) to the virtual IP ( ?

    Any idea about the problem?

    Thank you!

  • I'm going to overlook the complete insanity of running a virtual firewall inside of a hypervisor inside of a hypervisor and just tell you to check the WAN rule and verify you are allowing ICMP from any to the WAN Subnet. Now I'm going to go try and unsee that diagram.

    edit- If that doesn't help, try posting in the virtualization forum. Maybe you can open a virtualization sub forum in the virtualization forum for virtualizing within a virtual environment.

  • Thanks for your help! We've checked the WAN rules and they seem to be correct (we've allowed ICMP in all subnets.) Are there any other common verifications that you would recommend we do ? Thanks again!

  • Maybe something with the virtualization. You should post the question in the virtualizaion forum.

  • I am dealing the same problem with Jostir. CARP LAN VIP mac address can be found on servers (topology same as Jostir) but VIP can not ping. Any one can help to resolve this problem.

  • i too have this problem

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Packet capture on the WAN. If the traffic arrives but there is no response (there will be) it's something on the firewall.

    If the traffic doesn't arrive (it will start with ARP traffic) then it's something in your virtual infrastructure, switching, etc.

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