Invalid IP Message in WAN config

  • In WAN IP Configuration, when you put an IP with numbers starting with zero you will receive a "Invalid IP" message even if IP is valid.

    I.E: If you put the address: (note the zero before 31) you get the error.
    but if you put it will work.

    BTW: I'm using Version 1.2 RELEASE


  • I dont see a problem ^^"

  • That's not a big problem, but I've lost a half hour just to figure that the problem is that padding zero (perfect valid in the address BTW).

  • IIRC some Unix systems would parse an IP address such that an initial 0 meant the following number was octal (base 8) thus 031 (octal) was 25 (decimal) and so meant which is confusing until you discover whats going on. I'm not sure the convention was universally adopted, in which case there would be an ambiguity in 031.

    No idea if 031 is rejected because of this possible ambiguity.