Slight confusion over firewall tabs vs. selected interface

  • Good morning everybody!

    I was just wondering if somebody could clear up a little confusion I have over firewall tabs and interfaces.

    What is the significance of the 'tabs' on the firewall page?
    Am I right in saying the are purely 'organisational' so to speak?

    My reason for asking is that regardless of which tab you create your rules under, you can still select the interface for each rule.  So I could (for example), drill down into the 'LAN' tab, but then select the 'WAN' interface, which seems illogical, but I could be missing something.

    My reason for asking is centred around my bridge setup, where I have and (the default).  I'm keen to understand the effect of this setting (if any) on which tab I place my rules under.  If my understanding is correct, then the setting doesn't affect the rules under any tabs at all, it only affects the interfaces chosen for the rules.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Am I right in saying the are purely 'organisational' so to speak?

    No, absolutely NOT!

  • Thanks for your reply, I had actually just answered my own question by creating a test rule under the 'LAN' tab, but I selected the 'WAN' interface, and I noticed that the rule actually got placed under the 'WAN' tab, so PfSense was smart enough to put the rule in the correct place, even though I was silly by selecting the 'wrong' interface.

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