Open VPN and IPSEDC issues on pfsense clone

  • Hi,

    we are in the process of installing and testing a new leased line and currently have the old and the new running side by side (but not for much longer).  So I decided to leave our current PFsense in place while I set up the new connection.  After first cloning the live system in order to just edit the IP addresses, which proved to be a real pain.  I factory reset the test system and restored the elements that I required from the live system.  The trouble is I can't get the VPN tunnels working properly and must have missed something.  The OpenVPN tunnels but the only thing I can access is the pfsense front end.  All other resource is not accessible.

    The tunnels are configured identically, other than external IP address..any ideas what I may have missed?

    Running version 2.2.3


  • Presume you probably have it on a different LAN IP with the LAN hosts pointing to the old system for their default gateway. That won't work. The LAN hosts route their reply traffic back to the wrong system in that case.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    After a bit of a voyage of discovery I was able to ping only those clients using the new gateway device (the clone) so you are indeed correct, they are on the same subnet but different IP's for the gateway.

    Guess the only way to fully test this is to clone the live system and then bring it up using the same gateway IP address as the live (after taking the live offline)