Monitor Road Warrior VPN (pptp,IPSec, OpenVPN) by SNMP

  • Hi all.
    I'm monitoring VPN roadwarriors using cacti:

    I've a pfsense box acting as VPN server.
    PPTP, IPsec (Xauth) and OpenVPN protocols are allowed.

    When I tried to graph users logged using cacti I did'nt found any OID to get concurrent users for these protocols.

    I've solved this editing /var/etc/snmpd.conf and using ucd extensions.

    To do this and have a custom OID for a PPTP, IPsec (Xauth) and OpenVPN concurrent users you should edit /etc/inc/

    -Go to Diagnostics: Edit file and load  /etc/inc/

    -Then add this lines after %ucd string:

    extNames.0 = "PPTP Sessions"
    extCommand.0 = "/usr/bin/netstat -rn | /usr/bin/grep pptpd | /usr/bin/grep ^REPLACE_THIS_begining_of_your_ip range_ie_192.168 | /usr/bin/wc -l| /usr/bin/tr -d \" \""
    extNames.1 = "IPSEC Sessions"
    extCommand.1 = "ipsec leases | grep host| grep online | wc -l|tr -d \" \""
    extNames.2 = "OpenVPN Sessions"
    extCommand.2 = "( ( echo \"status\" ; sleep 1 ; echo \"quit\" ) | nc -U /var/etc/openvpn/server1.sock | grep ^REPLACE_THIS_begining_of_your_ip range_ie_192.168  | wc -l | /usr/bin/tr -d \" \")"

    OIDs are:
    PPTP concurrent sessions iso.
    IPSec mobile sessions :iso.
    OpenVPN Sessions: iso.

    You can also walk snmp:
    snmpwalk -v2c -c public .

    Remember that these changes will be lost when  you upgrade pfsense box  :(

    PS: I use cacti to graph vpn users

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