Ebay Idiots

  • took time out of my schedule to message this seller to tell him that two jumpers would enable the bypass ports. Instead he still has them taped off!!! A month later…. Black ducktape to the rescue..


    I actually bought a Checkpoint U5 from him too...Nice oldschool Lanner rig. I made an AP out of it.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Considering the fans, it likely uses too much power anyway.

  • That and no slots for expansion. You know how i like to re-purpose old dinosaurs….The SHA550 had an oddball Xeon/M which would be more my flavor. Same rig more umph. Pretty old for the money though.

  • Idiot may be a strong word as well, but when you put pfSense in your title you are going to get looked at.. Obviously he sells off-lease firewalls and gets more hits with pfSense in his title. Maybe his version doesn't have the jumpers..I dunno.

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