OpenVPN Site to Site + client access

  • Good day Sir!

    I do face a configuration problem.

    I have 2 sites, one is the Server SITE1(peer to peer, shared key 1194) and the other is the client SITE2, this work just great, the 2 sites can communicate both way!

    The problem is that I need have a remote access for some users. For this, I created another server on SITE1 (Remote access user auth 1195)
    Once connected with LDAP auth
    The issue is that i cannot ping, access SITE2…

    I tried already to add the SITE2 LAN in IPv4 Local Network/s but this do not help :/

    Any idea what I'm missing?

    Thank you!


  • It's not working because site 2 doesn't know what to do with the return traffic from your remote access tunnel network.  You need to add a return route for the road warrior tunnel network to site 2.  i.e…. add your remote access tunnel network to the "IPv4 Remote Network/s" section of the site 2 client config.

  • Works like a charm! Thank you very much :D