OpenVPN cant connect to subnet.It's probabily simple :)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for a little help on my relatively simple pfSense OpenVPN setup. It is running 2.2.3-Release

    My pfsense has three nics each serving its own network

    bge0 serves and is all static. This holds the "LAB" network.
    em0 serves the WAN interface (Set to DHCP)
    em1 servers All addresses DHCP served. This holds the "Wireless" network.

    All the clients are setup fine, internet and inter network range is all good.

    I have setup the OpenVPN with (for now). The VPN client connects fine and I get typically as my network address. I can ping the gateway no problem.

    What I can't do however is talk  (ping, load webpages etc) to the LAB or Wireless network from the VPN network.

    I am sure it is something quite simple but my network-fu is not strong enough to sort it. If anyone has any ideas or help it would be gratefully recieved.

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    Did you pass the destination networks on the OpenVPN tab firewall rules?

  • Well this shows home much of a newb I am. I had several duplicated rules for the VPN as I ran the VPN wizard several times.

    I can now ping That is an inprovement. I still cannot for example load the webpage at I know it works as I loaded it a few mins ago.

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    You have both local networks listed in the OpenVPN Server instance?

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