Traffic being dropped and I don't know why

  • Hi Everyone.

    I have a problem that is clearly over my head. Running nanobsd amd64 2.2.3 on a Supermicro A1SRI-2558F-B an application that I use heavily for watching video (kodi) which connects to a server using curl over https is dropping active connections and i'm not sure why. When I pause a video in the player for a few minutes, then hit resume playback is stopped and this seems to be relevant from it's logs:

    DEBUG: Curl::Debug - TEXT: Operation too slow. Less than 1 bytes/sec transferred the last 20 seconds
    23:33:30 T:4916   DEBUG: Curl::Debug - TEXT: Closing connection 2

    The reason i'm posting this here and not on the kodi forum is because when i bypass pfsense by plugging directly into the modem the problem disappears. The strange thing is i've been using this software (kodi) in this way for many years without issue behind pfsense, the trouble seems to have started when I moved pfsense from a KVM VM running on proxmox to the dedicated hardware above. I'm not sure where to even begin looking for whats causing this. Thanks for any help!

  • Anything of note in the firewall log around the time that this happens?

  • Thanks for the reply. I've looked through the logs and I don't see anything that stands out. Nothing even involving the IP addresses of the client and server.

  • Are you running an IPS/IDS like snort?

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