BT Infinity FTTC, PPPoE, not playing!

  • Hi.

    I have been using PFsense for sometime, the WAN connected to a LAN port of a router.

    I have now upgraded to BT Fibre Infinity, and have the white BT Openreach modem.  This is currently connected to the WAN port of the router and works fine.

    I wanted to ditch the router and connect PFsences WAN port to the modem using PPPoE.  With the correct user/pass entered, I'm getting nothing. It won't connect.  It shows us 'up' in the hone page plugin widget thing, and shows 'gathering data' and 'dynamic'. The IP is dynamic, not static.  The logs just show it repeatedly trying to connect.

    I've given it 30 mins, re booted things, and now gone back to the router to get things running again.

    I have searched the forum, but can't find anything that really helps.

    I know when setting up a VDSL router with BT Infinity, you need to set the tag as 100.  There is no option to add this with PPPoE, and not sure it matters?

    I will gave a go at another site soon, but wondered if others who have got this going could give me a tip!

    Thanks :-)

  • Netgate Administrator

    I have a BT infinity connection. It works fine with no special settings using a PPPoE connection.
    Do you have the standard home connection? The BT business connection is slightly different I believe.

    I have never set any VLAN tags if that's what you're referring to.

    Do you see anything in the ppp logs showing a connection attempt?


  • Thanks.

    It is a business connection.  I've not tried my home one.

    The logs show it attempting to connect and then retrying constantly.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So you are using a VLAN? And you don't see any response from the other end at all?
    Try with no VLAN set. It reads to me like you only need the VLAN for the VDSL part of the connection, the modem should take care of that already.


  • Just to advise others. I found teh connection went up & down continuously until I set the MTU on the WAN interface to 1492. The default of 1500 doesn't work with the Infinity modem.

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