Port Forwarding Stopped Working

  • Hello,

    I had port forwarding working fine with me until last week when all of a sudden everything stopped working, I have a server at home that is running a couple of services for me and I access it from outside now everything stopped working although I did not change anything on the setup even I'm not able to access the pfsense from outside home now

    PS : I have a 4 wan setup but everything is forwarded through WAN1

    Can anyone help please

  • Are you showing all the relevant NAT rules, coz it doesn't look like it? You have two NAT rules showing port forwards on ports 8989 and 80, but these aren't appearing in the third screen shot. Are the associated firewall rules in place? Try catching a screen shot of the relevant rules only (in this case) and include the corresponding firewall rules.

    For that matter, are the LAN->WAN rules working correctly?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Your nat for 8989 – dest would not be wan1 net, should be wan1 address.

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